di Valerio Gori

It is uncommon and I’m not confortable with it, but this post comes out in English. Partially because I am writing it right after having seen an American movie in its original language, partially because a scene from that movie is going to be inserted in this post and without understanding it, there is no reason to read through all these words.

The movie is called “The invention of Lying” and its plot is elementary. In a world where everyone can only tell the truth, a man changes everything, becoming, in effect, the first liar. For a matter of case, he goes and tells his dying mother she was about to join a place similar to what we call Paradise. Suddenly the news spreads and whole world asks him to tell whatever he knows about the afterlife. Of course, he needs to invent something. You can se below what happens. Imagine him in a sumptuous white vestment, with a wonderful dome dominating the panorama and seek for the differences between fiction and the real world.